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Counselor's Message
Counselor's Message
Welcome to Trico’s K-12 School Counseling webpage.

I have been a school counselor for twenty-five years with the past sixteen years at TRICO. My education stems from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, where I earned a B.S. in Government and from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, earning a B.S. in History/English and a M.S. in Educational Psychology. This K-12 School Counseling office is supported by highly qualified individuals, Elisabeth Hill from Perry County Counseling; as well as, Amanda Speith who is the Coordinator for Academic Success. Together, we take the emotional/social well being of every K-12 student as an integral part of the learning process. Trauma informed care is the base for the building blocks to help students academically succeed while overcoming barriers and stressors that may impede such progress. Trico’s newly created Resiliency Team also plays an important role in recognizing adverse childhood experiences (ACES) as a hurdle that many of our students face outside of school.
Scheduling, college and career readiness, scholarships, and financial aid are all entities that also fall under the scope of this counseling office. This webpage offers guidance on applications, links to valuable college bound resources, and timelines to aid students and parents in a successful transition for high school to college or from high school to work.
Please never hesitate to contact me via phone or by email because your child is an important part of the TRICO school community.
Contact Information
Name: Casey Hawkins
Phone: 618-426-1111 Ext 3137